2022 Ottawa O-Fest

Ottawa O-Fest is back for 2022!  The two-day event is scheduled for September 24-25 on an updated and extended map in Lac Beauchamp, Quebec. Elevation height differences less than 25m. What better way can you think of to spend a September weekend in Canada than running in a woodland of Quebec?

We are excited to tell you that 'the chase is on'!  Yes, our popular and exciting Chase format for the long on Sunday, based on the Saturday, middle event results, is returning. 

 Lac Beauchamp map snippet

We are very excited to have a new version of our Lac Beauchamp map!!  The area is being remapped and extended.  Lac Beauchamp has Canadian shield terrain with many trails,  rock features, and marshes. Some areas have flat open bedrock areas, others have large cliffs. The runnability is mostly good.




Latest News 


Lost and Found - A MEC jacket, a pair of black pants and a pair of gloves failed to make their way home with their owners from the 2021 event.  If you have lost any of these please contact lostfound@ottawaoc.ca



Why not?

We love the crazy sport of orienteering and want to share that love with you. What better way to do that than with a weekend of competition, food, and friends in one of the nicest times of the year in Ottawa?

That's why our volunteers put thousands of hours into hosting events throughout the year and the O-Fest weekend is no exception. It might be a larger event but we still do it because we love it.