Technical Info

Potential Hazards

Please see our club's safety and ethics page for information about the natural hazards of these areas.  These are primarily ticks, poison ivy and wild parsnip. We do make efforts though to avoid areas with any troublesome plants.

COC Middle, Long and Relay terrain - Foley Mountain Conservation Area (Westport, Ontario)


Embargoed Areas

Anyone who intends taking part in these competitions is not allowed to go onto that specific mapped area for 6 months before the competition. The built up areas of Montreal and Perth are not embargoed from entry, but it is forbidden to be there with a map, and to trial any possible route choices, with or without a map. Wooded areas are embargoed.

The Foley Mountain Conservation area will be used for the COC Middle and Long event. The entire conservation area is embargoed until after the races. This means that orienteers should not use the area between now and then. There is an old (well not too old!) orienteering map of a portion of the newly mapped area that has been used once (only once) for a training weekend in 2015.  Access to the map does NOT mean access to the terrain!

Click on map for full 2015 training map

 Competition Classes

For the Canadian Championship races we will be following the Orienteering Canada guidelines for courses and categories.    For those wishing to participate in these events without competing in their age-appropriate class, there are Open categories which you can enter. Classes M/F20-A and M/F21-34A are intended for athletes who are not at the same level of training as the Elite athletes in the M/F20-E and M/F21-34E categories but would like to compete in their age-appropriate group.  These and Open classes are not medal classes.

The  course stats tables on the Day by Day page give the course and category guidelines for RWT (recommended winning time (in minutes)) from Orienteering Canada.

 *Athletes who wish to participate in the World Ranking Events (COC Sprint, Middle and Long, M21-34E or F21-34E) must have an IOF ID.  Please visit to check your ID or to register (no fee) for one.

  Bulletins, Start Lists and Course notes

Bulletin 1

Bulletin 2

ECOC Event notes

ECOC Course setters Notes

Sprint course setter's notes

COC middle and long event notes

Start List.

  Complaints, Protests, Jury Pool

Complaints shall be made in writing and shall be filed with officials at the Information Desk, within one hour after the close of courses.  Complaints will be given by officials to the Event Director and will be dealt with as quickly as is reasonably possible. Complainants will be informed of the decision immediately.

Protests are made only when a complainant wishes to challenge the decision of the Event Director on a complaint.  Protests must be made in writing no later than 1 hour after the complaint decision has been indicated to the complainant.   Protests shell be filed with officials at the Information Desk, who will pass them on the jury.  The jury will render a decision and inform the complainant as quickly as is reasonably possible.

For any protest, the jury will be selected, according to those who are most readily available, and have no conflict of interest in the decision making, from the pool of 5 potential jurors listed below.  The jury will consist of three people.

Jury Pool:  Carl Childs (USA), Jennifer Hamilton (MB), Pam James (NS), Marion Owen (AB), John Rance (BC)